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Instructions for SpiderWeb Profit Master

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As with all EX4 (Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor) plug-ins, SpiderWeb Profit Master must be placed in your trading terminal’s EXPERTS folder. Locate the folder where your Metatrader 4 is installed and navigate to the Experts folder. Place SpiderWeb Profit Master in that folder. It should be visible in the drop-down list of expert advisors when you’re running your trading terminal. If you can’t see the terminal’s NAVIGATOR window, press CTRL-N. To view all the available experts, click the + symbol next to the blue hat, where it says Expert Advisors. Scroll down through the list and you should see SpiderWeb Profit Master.


SpiderWeb Profit Master is designed to run throughout the entire trading week, Sunday 10 p.m. GMT through to Friday 8 p.m. GMT. You should leave it to run without interruption during this time. The weekend is a great opportunity to check whether everything’s still up and running. Perhaps use a virtual private server, there are plenty of inexpensive providers on the internet.

SpiderWeb Profit Master has been extensively tested to run ONLY on the EUR-USD chart in the 1-minute (M1) time frame. It’s also important to note that you’ll need at least USD 500 in your account and your deposit shouldn’t exceed USD 20,000. SpiderWeb Profit Master doesn’t like trading depostits below USD 500. Nor does it play very nicely on accounts in excess of USD 20,000. In fact, it will refuse trading above USD 25,000 so please make sure you withdraw sufficient funds now and then to keep it below this amount. These measures have been imposed to prevent small accounts drying up and especially to prevent large corporations from exploiting this software on massive multi-million dollar accounts. Be aware that you’ll need a leverage of 50-to-1. SpiderWeb Profit Master was tested with a 50:1 leverage. You’d be risking large or small amounts with unstable results if you were to use accounts which don’t have a 50-to-1 leverage constraint. Your broker will be able to tell you which leverage level has been set, so just ask the broker if you’re not sure.

Please make sure your account can trade lot sizes as small as 0.01 lots. These are referred to as mini lots by some brokers. Regardless of the name, this will be a requirement for effective trading using SpiderWeb Profit Master. Test this capability on your demo account before going live. 0.01 lots is the minimum lot size requirement.

As long as you’ve dragged the expert from the navigation window (remember, open the navigator using Ctrl and N) onto a EUR-USD M1 chart, everything should be working fine. You’ll see a prompt window, asking you if you want manual confirmation, and whether to allow DLL imports, etc. Just click OK using the default settings (i.e. DON’T ask manual confirmation, DON’T allow DLL inports) and make sure the option is set to allow both trading directions. Your software must be able to freely trade either a BUY or a SELL, so make sure this is unrestricted. When everything’s set up correctly, you’ll notice a smiley face in the top-right corner of the trading chart. This means SpiderWeb Profit Master is able to open/manage/close trades for you.


Something to bear in mind is that SpiderWeb Profit Master has been coded as a stand-alone plug-in. Don’t interfere with its operations, unless of course you wish to manually close everything before going on vacation or whatever! It has been designed to run on auto-pilot, so you don’t have to watch the screen all day long. SpiderWeb Profit Master needs exclusive running power in your trading terminal, in other words you shouldn’t run any other expert advisors or indicators in the terminal which is running SpiderWeb Profit Master. Your account should NOT include any active trading from any outside source, i.e. YOU or another plug-in. SpiderWeb Profit Master needs exclusive rights to analyse it’s own trades, nobody else’s. Please stick to this rule otherwise the robot may not trade effectively. This also reduces the chances of that dreaded message, “Trade Context Busy”. There are protective mechanisms in place to minimise the chances of context blockages and other broker tricks such as slippage requotes and so on. Leave SpiderWeb Profit Master to do it’s thing exclusively on your trading account!


SpiderWeb Profit Master uses an artificial intelligence algorithm as part of its complex decision making. For this reason your active chart should contain at least ten days of data. If not, attempt this method: Try to scroll your EUR-USD M1 chart back as far as possible. This will load as much candle data into the terminal as possible. Ideally you’ll want to keep scrolling back though time until you have at least 10 or more days of historical data inside your chart. SpiderWeb Profit Master requires at least ten days of historical M1 data before it can analyse and process for an intelligent decision.


  • Install EX4 file to Experts folder
  • Use Ctrl-N to navigate in terminal
  • EurUsd M1 chart is required
  • Drag and drop onto EurUsd M1 chart
  • USD 500 to USD 20,000 is required
  • Leverage of 50-to-1 is required
  • Minimum lot sizes of 0.01 required
  • Leave the robot running all week
  • At least 10 days of data required
  • Partial lot closure (see notes below)

Special notes…

SpiderWeb Profit Master must be running with a broker that allows partial lot size closing. This means for example, if your demo account can’t open a trade of say 0.08 lots and close just 0.02 of those lots a few minutes later, your broker doesn’t allow partial lot closure. This would mean changing accounts or brokers, depending on how cooperative your broker wants to be for you. SpiderWeb Profit Master does NOT require hedging capabilities. This means your account will never need a BUY position open at the same time as a SELL position. The only important requirement for SpiderWeb Profit Master specifically is the partial closure requirement.


Obviously piracy is a big issue with any powerful, highly successful software product. Please do your bit to keep this little beauty as special as possible. Don’t share it on torrent or crack sites. Don’t give unlocking codes to anybody else. Don’t attempt reverse engineering. Don’t pass this up as your own work. All copyright and other rights relating to this software work belong to Mike Graham, the sole proprietary owner of the work known to you as SpiderWeb Profit Master. Let’s keep this software from leaking into the wrong hands, otherwise it will have to be withdrawn from usage and all accounts on this server will have to be deleted without question.

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